bright lights, big city.

bright lights, big city.

NEW YORK CITY. It's just one of those places that everyone, literally EVERYONE, wants to see at some point in their life. It's intense, loud, and a little smelly at times, but it's also the city of dreams. And although you can never see all that New York City has to offer (it's just too much for our short little lives to handle!) we're going to take you on a little trip around our fave haunts of NYC.

See & Do

This is insane to even write down a list because there's just SO MUCH. The best way to get to know the city that never sleeps is just to walk around and get to know it's little nooks and crannies on your own. But here's a few starting points that are just plain obvious and some not so much.

9/11 Memorial | A tribute to one of the saddest days in U.S. history. Although it's upsetting and a bit of a downer during your trip, it's something that is also beautiful and so personal to us as Americans.

The Empire State Building | Be like Jay-Z and live in an empire state of mind. This is also one of the most iconic buildings in the world. You can definitely pay the $$ to go to the top, but we like to just admire it from the street and be in awe for a few moments.

The Met | The largest museum in the U.S. and of the most fantastic museums we've ever been to. Also, you can pretend you're Blair and Serena sipping coffee on the steps. XOXO, Gossip Girl.

The Brooklyn Bridge | On a nice day, it's always a treat to ride the subway to Brooklyn, have lunch then stroll back to Manhattan across the bridge. Iconic views of the city, plus getting all your Fitbit steps in - win win!

Broadway | DUH.

Grand Central Station | whether you're actually going somewhere via the train (it's on our lists for sure!) or just passing through to get out of the cold, this train station is nothing short of spectacular. There's also an adorable food market and shops to browse.

Greenacre Park | Located in Midtown East and is a great little escape from the bustling city. Oh, plus there's a waterfall, YES, a waterfall in the middle of NYC.

The High Line | Old elevated railway repurposed into a park with lovely views of the city. 

Comedy Cellar | Although a bit of a secret, this spot has seen the likes of many famous stand-up comedians and is the heart of the illustrious Greenwich Village.

Eat & Drink

Momofuku Noodle Bar | if you know us at all, you know we LOVE ramen. And this place is the best! Get there early or be prepared to wait, but believes us when we say, it's OH SO worth it.

The Meatball Shop | Basically like Chipotle, but for meatballs. You pick your meatball, your sauce and toppings and whatever you want under it. We recommend the mashed potatoes, classic beef and spicy meat sauce. Bellisimo!

Katz Delicatessen | Iconic Jewish deli in the lower east side. They've been open for over 125 years so clearly they know what they're doing! Also don't forget to tip your slicer, your sandwich and tummy will thank you.

The Smith | Casual American fare with some exotic twists. We love ordering a bunch of apps + desserts because it's hard to narrow down to one entree here. They also have amazing East Coast oysters!

Gyu-Kaku Japanese BBQ | What is it about cooking your own food at a restaurant that is so appealing?! We over ordered, but it's hard not to when it's delicious and with happy hour prices!

PIZZA + HOT DOGS | You've been walking all day and it's that awkward time between lunch and dinner, so what do you do?! WELL, the most glorious thing about the big apple is the street cart food. So grab yourself a greasy slice of pie or a dirty water dog and savor the deliciousness that can only be found in NYC.

Clover Club | Mixology at it's finest in Brooklyn. Come here if you're looking to relax by the fireplace and sip on a perfectly crafted cocktail.

P.J. Clarkes's | One of the oldest bars in Midtown (open since 1884) serving up great drinks, but also a killer cheeseburger. 

The Rooftop Bar at the Met | Enjoy a few martinis while taking in the panoramic views of the city. Also, who doesn't love a tipsy stroll through a museum? #cultured.


We recommend having a general plan for what you want to do while in the city and stay somewhere central to your itinerary. NYC is MASSIVE and it's easy to spend all your time on the subway or in Uber's just trying to get places. We like to tackle one area each time we go that way we really get to experience that neighborhood and all it has to offer. AirBnb's are also a great option here because depending on the time of year, hotel prices skyrocket.

Hudson Hotel | Located in Midtown, a block from central park. The rooms are TINY but you don't come to the big apple to sit in your hotel room! It's quite a scene in the bar and the lobby and outdoor terrace are also beautiful.

Park Central | Also located in Midtown, the lobby is BEAUTIFUL, but the rooms are totally doable. But like I said about the Hudson, you don't come to NYC for the hotel rooms so don't make that a deal breaker!

You can cash us traveling back to NYC and other places in later posts, so be sure to check back!