new year, new home.

new year, new home.

As cheesy or far-fetched as it seems, the New Year gives us all a chance to purge old habits and start fresh. #newyearnewme is a hashtag we've all seen all over social media recently. Whether you plan to work-out more, eat healthy or give up drinking (#trying, #failing lol) the month of January is always so hard. But our bodies aren't the only things looking for a fresh start, what about the space around us? Whether it's an apartment, house or even your office, here's some tips to get you motivated in all aspects of your life to start anew.

When you walk through the door... Put away everything you would normally just throw on the sofa or drop to the floor, immediately! Kick off your shoes in your closet and hang up your jacket. If you need to hang a hook to put your purse on or hang your keys, do it! Go through your mail and throw out anything you definitely don't need (HEB coupons are my nemesis!) and neatly pile any magazines you want to skim through on your coffee table. Or find an adorable hanging wall organizer. Otherwise, you'll end up with a monster pile of things that you definitely don't want to tackle after a long week of work.

Trim Down. I'm not talking about the scale here! One SUPER simple thing you can do to help cut your bills down and decrease your carbon footprint is to be mindful of your energy and water usage. I'm still pretty bad about this sometimes but I've gotten so much better and seen a huge difference when I go to pay! Just remember to turn off lights when you leave a room and shut off the sink when brushing your teeth. Another easy thing to do is swap out your lightbulbs for those that are more energy efficient, like these LEB bulbs. They're a little more expensive but good for your wallet in the long run and God's green earth.

Your bedroom, your sanctuary. How good does it feel when you crawl into bed after a really long day? So good, amirite?! Avoid those sheets that are crumpled to the foot of your bed and opt for crisp sheets and a fluffed up duvet instead. It'll make your sleep that much better, I promise. Go one step further and spray a mix of water and lavender oil on your pillows, #heaven!

Downsize, darling! Some of us have yet to come to terms that Christmas is over (cue the tears). So as your packing up your holiday decor, did you have things you didn't pull out this year? Chances are if you didn't want it on display this season, you probably won't in 12 months either. Pack up that old decor and donate to your local charity! As for other decor... maybe you've had some leftover art hanging on your walls that your parents gave you so your first apartment wouldn't be sparse? You don't love it, but it's there to fill space. Be like Beyonc√© and upgrade you. You don't have to spend a lot of $$$ either! There's tons of DIY art projects on Pinterest or "download and print" art on Etsy. The chevron painting in the image above, I painted myself! Just call me Van Gogh. You can also create unique art from everyday things. Above, I used some mismatched plates I got from my grandmother and that I found at Goodwill & garage sales to fill a large empty wall in my breakfast nook. It was simple to do, inexpensive and I love every bit of it! So, if there's something in your home that you don't love, pitch it. My work has me appreciate the beauty of being at home. But half of my job is convincing people to create a space that actually feels like it's theirs and has some meaning. So take some free advice and create a space you're proud of and that tells your story. It's easier than you think! Same goes for clothes! Keep only what you wear. A trick I like to do is put all my hangers in backwards and once you wear something, put it back in your closet the correct way. At the end of the year anything still hanging backwards and that you haven't worn, you probably won't put on again, so #purgebabypurge. But you can always purge some things you know you won't wear right now, so through your closet & your drawers. I know I have about 25 t-shirts leftover from my sorority days. So I'll keep a few for when I'm hungover on the sofa, but don't need to keep them all! It's hard to part with certain items in your wardrobe, but don't let them wither away either when someone in need would so appreciate them! Here's a tip - H&M has a clothing donation bins in most of their retail stores. If you donate a bag of clothes, they with give you a 15% off card to use on your entire next purchase! 


Flower Power. I LOVE fresh flowers! There's something about them that can instantly change the way a space feels. Every week or so, I buy fresh flowers for either HEB or Trader Joe's. It's a simple thing that makes me happy when I come home. 

Make do with the situation you're in. Most of my friends and I rent either a house or an apartment. But don't let that stop you from making simple changes that can really improve the feeling of your home. Simple swaps can make a huge difference. Change out the hardware in your bathroom and kitchen. Or try adding a temporary, stick-on backsplash for a simple upgrade. Check out these options here and here. Temporary wallpaper, like Tempaper, is also a great way to do something fun and add personality to your space. Switching out light fixtures is also relatively simple, even though it seems a little daunting. If you're afraid you'll electrocute yourself (me!) hire an electrician for the job. Installation typically takes an hour or two and costs approximately $95-$250. Obviously check with your landlord and your lease agreement to what you can and can't do before tackling any of these projects.

Schedule = friend. One of my favorite parts of beginning a new year is getting to purchase a new planner. I geek out over stationary products. We keep track of pretty much everything we do on a daily basis already. Whether you're a fan of pen & paper or your iPhone, what's a few more tasks to jot down? Instead of getting overwhelmed and doing a deep clean every 2 weeks that takes 6 hours... make a schedule to keep your home tidy! I'm definitely guilty of the former sometimes, hell, life gets in the way of an immaculate home! But doing little things everyday will keep your space feeling like a retreat from life rather than something stressful to come home to. Dusting, windows, vacuuming, bathrooms & kitchen cleaning all take just a few minutes to do. Pick a day for each task that works with your schedule and stick to it! Then when you do a deep clean every so often, the dust bunnies that accumulate behind the sofa won't be as terrifying.

Here's a few things that are not only adorable AF but can help you tackle another aspect of your new years resolutions.


We'll have some more posts coming soon on ways that you can channel your inner interior designer and keep your home looking fresh! And for more pictures of my apartment you can pop on over here.