ain't no mountain high enough

ain't no mountain high enough

Most people think snow & skiing when they think of Colorado, but when the snow melts, it's (almost) better. Crested Butte is a one-of-a-kind little town, also known as the original Whatever, USA by Bud Light fans. There's tons of trails for hiking or riding bikes, it's the perfect spot to (attempt) fly fishing, and it's also the wildflower capital of Colorado, so you know it's beautiful. There's two main areas to Crested Butte - the mountain and the historic town, both offering so many options for wannabe mountaineers. 

See & Do

Oh Be Joyful Creek | Only 20 minutes from the town, this is a beautiful trail that follows a natural waterfall path and eventually leads to a HUGE waterfall and pool. If you're feeling crazy, go for a dip in the icy waters.  

Hike to the Peak | This is NOT for the faint hearted! Take the chair lift up to the top of the mountain, then basically rock climb to the summit. This is a really hard hike, but oh so worth it! #viewsfordays

Lake Irwin | great little lake for fishing & kayaking. There are a few trails that wander around the water, but if you're trying to get your heart rate up, hike to the cabin on top of the hill. 

Emerald Lake | Take a picnic and spend the afternoon lounging around the turquoise-colored water. 

Elk Street | This is the historic main street in town. There's plenty of bars, restaurants and adorable boutiques located inside cute little bungalows along this flower planter-lined street.

Little Town of Gothic | Only accessible during the summer, this cute little spot, just up the road from the mountain base, is home to the Rocky Mountain Biological Lab. They study butterflies and wildflowers here and is great to grab a afternoon cup of jo' and walk around in nature.  

Eat & Drink

Slogar | You know when you go into a meal knowing it's close to an entire days worth of calories, but you don't care? Yeah, this is one of those. A three-course meal loaded with unlimited fried chicken, mashed potatoes, creamed corn, gravy & THE BEST biscuits. #rollmeouttahere #fatandhappy

The Secret Stash | It's election season and TSS was voted best pizza in Crested Butte for years, but it get's our vote for the best pizza in Colorado, #pizzaforpresident! This isn't a quick meal - so sit back, relax and definitely eat that third (or fifth) slice of pie.

Paradise Cafe | This spot is paradise for brunch lovers - aka us. Order a bloody mary with a bacon strip (always add bacon) and enjoy their adorable outdoor patio.

The Eldo | "A sunny place for shady people" and our favorite bar & brewery in town. Sit out on their balcony and enjoy the crisp mountain air no matter if it's sunny or shady.

Talk of the Town | This is where all the locals go at night and you're bound to chat up some characters. On the weekends they feature live music by local musicians, so it's definitely a lively spot. 

Kochevar's | Another mainly-locals bar, but with a whole different vibe. Go here if you're looking to get your game on - there's pool, darts & shuffleboard to keep you entertained while you sip your vodka soda. 

Even though we love traveling internationally, we definitely want to explore more of this great country we live in! And Crested Butte is perfect anytime of the year. Whether you go for two weeks or a long weekend, you'll be wishing you booked a longer trip! Check back to see where we go next, #ammeetspmtravels.