get us to the greek

get us to the greek

Last summer, we visited one of our greatest friends in beautiful Greece!  When we say beautiful, we mean one of the most gorgeous places we have ever been.  Alexia, our fave Greek goddess, took us on a 10 day tour of the home of gyros, Greek gods, Greek salads, oregano chips, and so much more.  One tip - ALWAYS order the house wine.

First stop, Athens. Athens is such an incredible city full of culture, history and people of all kinds.  We have always wanted to go to Greece, but sharing this country with such an amazing friend, a true Greek herself, was just the cherry on top.  

See & Do

The Acropolis & Acropolis Museum - Obviously, these are touristy spots and there are a ton of people, but you will 100% regret it if you don't (seeing the Parthenon is unforgettable...the history!)

Monastraki Flea Markets - Streets are full of little touristy shops, but they have nice leather goods.

Sounion - AKA the Temple of Poseidon.  It's about 43 miles southeast of Athens but the view is incredible! As it is the southernmost tip of the Attica peninsula, we all felt Poseidon in our midst.

Eat & Drink

Sardelaki - One of Alexia's favorite fish taverns we ate at after visiting Sounion. We highly suggested ordering the tzatziki, taramasalata (fish roe salad = amazing), and the fava. We also ordered xoriatiki (Greek salad), octopus, muscles, sea bass, and sardines filled with tomato and onions.

Piatsa Aioli - Hands down the best gyros. We took a couple wrong turns (it's in the center) trying to find this place, but you have to go!

Thannasis - We went the night we arrived and it was one of the best meals we had in Athens.  It is in the center, where the atmosphere is great. They have really great kabobs and gyros, and an amazing Greek salad.

Island - Club turned brunch spot we ventured out to. We went for brunch our second day in Athens.  Super cute and trendy, plus it has a view for days.

Plaka - One of the oldest areas in Athens, stairs covered in locals and amazing restaurants.  It is a must!

Citizen Zen - This rooftop bar has an illuminated view of the Parthenon. Get a cocktail (or two!) and enjoy the view.

Balux Seaside - Bohemian bar located on the seaside in Glyfada. Their fruity, island-like cocktails were delicious and they had the best oregano chips we had (order 4 bowls).

Santorini... the island everyone dreams of when thinking of the Greek islands. This was an absolute must! With the quintessential blue and white buildings towering over the water, it's stunning from land or sea. 

See & Do

The Beaches - Vlychada, Kamari & Red Beach. Rent an ATV and check out each one, the island is only 35 sq. miles so you can easily go to a different beach each day!

Oia - THIS is the Santorini that everyone talks about! Explore the narrow passage ways to find cute shops and cafes. Around dusk, people are perched all over the walls to catch a glimpse of the one-in-a-million Santorini sunset.

Fira - Where everyone goes to dance and party the night away. We hit up a couple bars and clubs here, our favorites were Enigma, Murphy's & Crystal Cocktail Bar.

Lioyerma Public Pool - Located at the top of Oia, as long as you buy a drink you can chill by the pool all day with spectacular views.

Eat & Drink

Ammoudi Fish Tavern - our FAVE of the trip! We may have ordered the entire menu, but some of our favorite dishes were the Greek salad (duh!), tzatziki, grilled sun-dried octopus & mussels.

Restaurant at Fanari Villas - The food here was amazing, but the views were all that mattered!

Skala - Your typical Greek tavern, we ordered the usual fare (all good!) - Greek salad, fava, tazatziki & mussels. But the view is the reason to check this place out!

Lucky's - located on the main street in Fira, this place has the best (and cheapest!) gyros in Santorini! Get it like the Greek's do, loaded with french fries!

Sboronos Bakery - this place is open 24 hours and is good for breakfast, lunch or post-dancing hangover cure. They have a baklava bar, is that not what dreams are made of?! Also make sure to taste their spanakopita, ham+cheese croissant and the orange cake.

Last but not least, the quaint little island of Paros.  Alexia wanted to take us to one of her favorite islands, and we're so happy she did.  This quiet, relaxing town was the perfect end to our stop-and-go trip.  

See & Do

The Beaches - Monastiri & Santa Maria. Crystal clear water? Count me in.

Center - Cute little shops with great products (where we bought most of our souvenirs).

Linardo - Fun club with great music. It's an easy walk from all of the restaurants and shops!

Holy Spirit - Great bar by the sea. The guys loved it!

Eat & Drink

Siparos - We saw an amazing sunset at this trendy restaurant by the sea. We ordered the house wine (where didn't we order the house wine?) and two different and fresh fish - the sea bass and the red snapper. We suggest taramasalata, tzatziki, and the seafood paella.

Marios - This restaurant town of Naousa, near the dock for all of the boats. It is more contemporary Greek, more gourmet than some of the other restaurants we went to but none the less, superb. We ordered the mussels and a Dako salad (a Cretan special toast on the bottom, topped with feta and tomato).

Our worldly adventures don't stop here! We have a severe case of the travel bug, so be sure to check back when we post about more of our shenanigans abroad.